我的世界基岩版 1.19.30

Vanilla Parity:


  • Modified the Fireball entity’s collision box to match Java Edition
  • 修改了火球实体的碰撞箱,以与 java 版相匹配
  • The Enchanting Table now produces a sound when enchanting an item
  • 附魔台在附魔物品时会发出声音
  • Amethyst blocks no longer produce sound when jumping off them
  • 跳下紫水晶块时不会发出声音了
  • Fixed the bottom texture of the Melon block to match the top texture (MCPE-31035)
  • 修改了西瓜底部的纹理以与顶部纹理相匹配 (MCPE-31035)
  • The item stack popup animation will now only play when a new item is added to the stack (MCPE-23995)
  • 现在堆叠物品弹跳的动画只会在新物品加入到这个堆叠中时才会播放 (MCPE-23995)
  • Fixed an issue where Light Blocks would be removed when placing an Armor stand over them (MCPE-151856)
  • 修复了将盔甲架放在光源方块顶部时会将后者移除的问题 (MCPE-151856)
  • Changed some structures names in the /locate command to have underscores, like in Java Edition (e.g. ancientcity -> ancient_city); the old names will still work but will not show up in the autocomplete
  • 为 /locate 指令中的一些结构名称添加了下划线,更接近 java 版中的展示 (例如 ancientcity -> ancient_city);旧名称仍然可以正常运行,但是不会显示在自动补全中了
  • Fixed an issue where Boats with Chests would not drop the Chest’s contents when destroyed by the /kill command (MCPE-160186)
  • 修复了使用 /kill 指令清除运输船后,其箱内的物品不会掉落的问题 (MCPE-160186)
  • Eating a Stew will now leave the empty Bowl in the slot it was eaten from (MCPE-56367)
  • 现在吃炖菜时会将碗留在原来的物品槽中 (MCPE-56367)
  • Drinking a Potion will now leave the empty Glass Bottle in the slot you drank it from rather than the first empty inventory slot (MCPE-26436)
  • 喝药水后,会将瓶子留在当前的物品槽里,而非背包的第一个空位 (MCPE-26436)
  • Oak and Mangrove Fence Gates are now flammable (MCPE-160098)
  • 橡树和红树栅栏门现在可以燃烧了 (MCPE-160098)


  • Fixed Hoglin and Zoglin hitbox size and hit range to match Java Edition (MCPE-65424)
  • 调整了疣僵尸疣猪兽的碰撞箱体积与攻击距离,以与 java 版相匹配 (MCPE-65424)
  • Increased Sculk Shrieker and Sculk Sensor generation rates in Deep Dark and Ancient Cities to better match Java Edition (MCPE-153525)
  • 增加了深暗之域和远古城市中幽匿催发体与幽匿感测体的生成率,以与 java 版相匹配 (MCPE-153525)
  • Modified the Cat’s head position while sitting to match Java Edition (MCPE-46668)
  • 修改了猫在坐下时头部的位置,以与 java 版相匹配 (MCPE-46668)
  • If a Villager has a Nametag, it is now displayed along with their trade tier (MCPE-152644)
  • 若村民被命名牌命名,此名称会在交易窗口一并展示 (MCPE-152644)

Spectator Mode (Experimental)
旁观模式 (实验性游戏特性)

  • Capes are no longer rendered while in Spectator Mode (MCPE-156929)
  • 处于旁观模式时不会渲染披风了 (MCPE-156929)
  • Spectator players in Lava Cauldrons no longer display the burning animation (MCPE-160331)
  • 处在盛有岩浆的炼药锅中的旁观模式玩家不会展示燃烧动画了 (MCPE-160331)
  • Players in Spectator Mode are no longer affected by the Powder Snow fog effect (MCPE-156683)
  • 处在旁观模式下的玩家不再受到细雪雾效果的影响了 (MCPE-156683)
  • Sadly, any leashed animals will not follow spectators anymore (MCPE-157065)
  • 令人伤心的是,任何栓绳拴起来的动物都不会跟随旁观模式玩家了 (MCPE-157065)
  • Players in Spectator Mode no longer emit particles while sprinting (MCPE-160397)
  • 旁观模式下的玩家在疾跑时不会产生粒子了 (MCPE-160397)
  • Spectator players with status effects applied no longer emit particles (MCPE-160398)
  • 带有药水效果的旁观模式玩家不会产生粒子效果了 (MCPE-160398)
  • Endermen no longer become angry at players in Spectator Mode (MCPE-156742)
  • 末影人不会对旁观模式玩家发怒了 (MCPE-156742)
  • Players in Spectator Mode can no longer interact with Sculk Sensors by swimming in water or lava (MCPE-153879)
  • 旁观模式下的玩家无法通过在水或岩浆下游泳来与幽匿感测体交互了 (MCPE-153879)
  • Players switching into Spectator Mode will unhook any fishhooks attached to them
  • 切换到旁观模式的玩家会一并解除所有挂在身上的鱼钩
  • Players in Spectator mode can no longer be pushed by explosions (MCPE-156687)
  • 旁观模式下的玩家无法被爆炸推动了 (MCPE-156687)
  • Powder Snow no longer emits particles when spectators move through it (MCPE-153876)
  • 玩家穿过细雪时不会发出粒子了 (MCPE-153876)
  • Big Dripleaf no longer tilts when touched by players in Spectator Mode (MCPE-156686)
  • 被旁观模式下的玩家触碰时,大型垂滴叶不会倾斜了 (MCPE-156686)
  • Players in Spectator Mode now keep their inventories and equipped items on death (MCPE-156681)
  • 旁观模式下的玩家在死亡时会保留背包中的物品和穿戴的盔甲 (MCPE-156681)
  • Spectators can no longer attract mob’s attention when holding their favorite food (MCPE-153882)
  • 旁观模式玩家持有生物最喜欢的食物也无法吸引他们的注意力 (MCPE-153882)
  • The /testfor command can now target spectators (MCPE-158042)
  • /testfor 指令现在可设定旁观模式玩家为目标 (MCPE-158042)
  • The Spectator game mode can no longer be entered via the /gamemode 6 command, only via /gamemode spectator
  • 旁观模式无法通过 /gamemode 6 指令进入, 只能通过 /gamemode spectator 指令
  • Spectators using touch controls can no longer break Boats and Minecarts (MCPE-158307)
  • 使用触摸控制的旁观者玩家无法打破船和矿车了 (MCPE-158307)
  • Parrots sitting on a player’s shoulder now hop off when entering Spectator Mode
  • 坐在玩家肩膀上的鹦鹉现在会在切换到旁观模式时跳走
  • Animals and mobs with follow_owner behaviour no longer follow Spectators
  • 带有 follow_owner 行为的动物或生物不再跟随旁观模式玩家了
  • Animals and mobs with find_mount behaviour no longer try to mount Spectators
  • 带有 find_mount 行为的动物和生物不再尝试骑乘旁观模式玩家了
  • Spectator Mode players won’t have cold feet and now the Frost Walker enchant does not affect water
  • 旁观模式玩家不会因寒冷扣血,冰霜行者附魔对水不再生效
  • Pufferfish no longer react to nearby spectators
  • 河豚不会对附近的旁观模式玩家作出反应了



  • Fixed a bug that rarely caused the Villager’s bounding box to become desynced with the server when sleeping
  • 修复了村民睡觉时其包围盒与服务器不同步的罕发漏洞
  • Fixed a bug causing an occasional crash when loading players in beds
  • 修复了在床上加载玩家时偶尔崩溃的漏洞
  • The game no longer crashes when browsing Marketplace
  • 浏览市场时游戏不会崩溃了
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when resuming the game on Xbox
  • 修复了在 Xbox 上暂停后恢复游戏时可能引发的崩溃
  • Fixed a bug where deleting cloud synced worlds would not delete the cloud version of the world when the player deletes the world locally
  • 修复了在本地删除带有云同步的存档时,云端同步版本不会被删除的漏洞
  • Fixed PlayStation 4 audio stuttering issues while framerate is low (MCPE-158902)
  • 修复了 PS4 平台上帧率过低时音频崩坏的问题 (MCPE-158902)
  • Fixed a crashing issue related to undyed Shulkers
  • 修复了一个有关未染色潜影贝的崩溃问题
  • Most common Marketplace connection issues will now automatically resolve themselves when conditions improve without needing to restart Minecraft (MCPE-155025)
  • 现在大多数普通的市场连接问题都可以在网络环境改善时自动解决,不用重启游戏了  (MCPE-155025)
  • Fixed performance issues when Striders are being ridden by baby Striders (MCPE-146478)
  • 修复了炽足兽被小炽足兽骑乘时的性能问题 (MCPE-146478)
  • Fixed a crash that would occur on some devices when loading in worlds with texture packs applied (MCPE-160800)
  • 修复了在某些设备上加载应用了纹理包的世界时可能引起的崩溃 (MCPE-160800)
  • Fixed a crash when uploading a world with no name using “Play on Realm” button
  • 修复了使用 “在 Realm 上游玩” 按钮将没有名字的世界进行上传时的崩溃


  • Music is now included in the mobile app and no longer has to be downloaded from Marketplace
  • 音乐现已包含在移动应用中,无需从市场额外下载
  • Fixed issue where player would see inside of Top Snow when diving into it while wearing Elytra
  • 修复了玩家穿戴鞘翅潜入顶层雪时可看到其内部的问题
  • Fireballs can no longer travel through portals to prevent an issue where they could become permanently stuck (MCPE-160938)
  • 火球现在无法穿过传送门了(解决了可能会永久卡住的问题)(MCPE-160938)
  • Pressing the Ctrl and Alt keys together will no longer make the Alt key get stuck down
  • 同时按下 Ctrl 和 Alt 键不会让 Alt 键被卡住了


  • Endermen no longer get angry at Creative players (MCPE-42977)
  • 末影人不会对创造模式下的玩家发怒了 (MCPE-42977)
  • Fixed a bug causing Leads to break with Allays after the owner player changes dimensions (MCPE-158955)
  • 修复了玩家改变维度后,与悦灵的联系断开的漏洞 (MCPE-158955)
  • The Goat’s ram animation was modified to slowly lower their head when preparing to ram (MCPE-129477)
  • 山羊的冲撞动作修改为在准备冲撞时会缓慢低下头 (MCPE-129477)
  • Reduced the Enderman’s teleport range to 32x32x32 to ensure that it cannot despawn itself by teleporting (MCPE-152268)
  • 将末影人的传送距离减少到了 32x32x32,确保他们不会自己把自己传送没了 (MCPE-152268)
  • Allays and Bees should no longer get stuck on Lanterns or other low hanging objects (MCPE-155777)
  • 悦灵和蜜蜂不会卡在灯笼或其他悬挂方块中了 (MCPE-155777)
  • EDU Toggle: NPC names default to only being displayed while looking at them
  • 教育版:现在默认只会在看向 NPC 时展示其名称


  • Mud Brick Slab can now be placed as a top slab via commands (MCPE-157852)
  • 泥砖台阶现在可通过指令放置为顶部台阶了 (MCPE-157852)
  • Banners now spawn correctly in newly generated structures (MCPE-160696)
  • 新生成的结构中,旗帜可正确生成了 (MCPE-160696)
  • Coral Fans now look identical when placed facing North, West, East, and South (MCPE-125311)
  • 现在面向各个方向放置的珊瑚扇外观均相同 (MCPE-125311)
  • White Glazed Terracotta is no longer missing from the Creative Mode inventory and is once again accessible through commands
  • 白色带釉陶瓦现在可在创造模式背包中找到,且又可通过指令获取了
  • Seagrass and Kelp are no longer classified as Coral Decorations in the Creative Mode inventory (MCPE-44034)
  • 海草和海带在创造模式背包中不再被分类为珊瑚装饰物了(MCPE-44034)
  • Fixed a bug where some blocks that require a supporting block (for example Carpet or crops) did not appear on Maps when placed on a non-full block or above an air block (MCPE-159713)
  • 修复了一些需要底部支撑的方块 (例如地毯或小麦) 放置在不完全充满或空气方块上方时,其不在地图上出现的问题 (MCPE-159713)
  • Iron Bars are no longer missing from the Creative Mode inventory and are once again accessible through commands (MCPE-160253)
  • 铁栏杆现在可以在创造模式背包中找到,且可通过指令取得 (MCPE-160253)
  • Piston’s animation when extending and retracting is now smooth (MCPE-155987)
  • 活塞推拉的动画现在变得平滑了 (MCPE-155987)
  • It is no longer possible to get an aged Sapling in the inventory by block-picking
  • 通过挖掘方块的方式,无法获得已成长的树苗物品了


  • Fixed dropped items getting stuck at the edge of flowing water (MCPE-157167)
  • 修复了掉落物卡在流动水边缘的问题 (MCPE-157167)
  • When on fire, the fire overlay no longer clips through held items (MCPE-147776)
  • 站在火焰中时,火焰的图片不会切过手持物品了 (MCPE-147776)
  • Mangrove, Crimson, and Warped Planks can now be used to repair Shields (MCPE-158940)
  • 红树木板,绯红木板和诡异木板现在可用来修补盾牌了 (MCPE-158940)
  • Fixed a regression where an undamaged tool, such as Pickaxe, when name changed on an Anvil, would fail to work correctly when used for the first time (MCPE-152637)
  • 修复了未损坏的工具,例如锄,在铁砧上命名后,首次使用无法正常工作的问题 (MCPE-152637)

User Interface

  • Fixed a bug where the name tag background was slightly offset (MCPE-160254)
  • 修复了命名牌背景略有偏移的漏洞 (MCPE-160254)
  • Fixed a UI bug where enchanted leather items would have parts of the texture not displaying the glint animation (MCPE-98929)
  • 修复了附魔的皮质物品会有部分不展示闪烁动画的 UI 漏洞 (MCPE-98929)
  • Added new disconnection error messages to better highlight the area in which the disconnection occurred
  • 添加了新的断开连接错误消息,能够更好的指出断开连接是在哪部分发生的
  • Character Creator offers in Marketplace will no longer lose their thumbnail images upon exiting the Dressing Room
  • 退出更衣室时,市场中提供的角色编辑器不会丢失缩略图了
  • Added a Retry button to the Xbox cloud sync prompt
  • 在 Xbox 云同步提示中添加了重试按钮
  • Item stacks now are merged together after assigned tick threshold
  • 堆叠的物品现在可在给定的时间刻阈值后合并到一起
  • Added a missing settings button on packs in the updated Create New World screen
  • 为更新的创建新世界界面的资源包添加了一个缺失的设置按钮
  • Added a new disconnection error message – “Unable to connect, please restart your client”
  • 添加了一条新的断开连接错误消息 – “无法连接,请重启客户端”
  • Fixed an issue causing messages with non-unicode characters to have incorrect spacing
  • 修复了导致非 Unicode 字符缩进错误的问题
  • NPC names now default to only being displayed while looking at them
  • 现在默认仅在看向 NPC 时展示其名称
  • The arrow within the crafting Pocket UI now fits appropriately without any clipping issues
  • 携带版 UI 合成界面的箭头现在正常适配不同设备的显示,没有展示不全的问题
  • The “Cannot connect to Marketplace” error will no longer be erroneously read by the Text-To-Speech reader
  • “无法连接到市场” 的错误不会被文本转语音阅读器错误读出了
  • Raid bar no longer becomes stuck after breaking Beds to cancel a raid (MCPE-152851)
  • 打破床来取消一次袭击后,顶栏的袭击进度条不会卡在那了 (MCPE-152851)


  • Player textures and UI elements should no longer turn pink after playing for an extended period time on highly populated servers (MCPE-105487)
  • 在大型服务器上高强度游玩后,玩家的纹理和 UI 元素应该不会变粉了 (MCPE-105487)
  • Fixed an issue where certain water textures with waterlogged blocks displayed the wrong texture (MCPE-156281)
  • 修复了某些水和含水方块展示错误纹理的问题 (MCPE-156281)
  • Fixed an issue with flowing Lava and Water textures not animating on some iOS devices
  • 修复了流动的水和岩浆在某些 iOS 设备上不展示动画的问题
  • Sky in The End dimension will no longer look like static upon entry while it is raining in the Overworld (MCPE-148843) 
  • 修复了主世界下雨时进入末地,其天空看起来像静态的问题 (MCPE-148843)

Technical Updates:

Updated Add-On Template Packs
更新了 Add-On 模板包

  • Updated Add-On templates for 1.19.30 with new resources, behaviors, and documentation, are available to download at aka.ms/MCAddonPacks
  • 更新了 1.19.30 的  Add-On 模板包,带来了新的资源,新的行为,以及新的文档。可在 aka.ms/MCAddonPacks 下载

Copy Coordinates

  • Added keyboard shortcuts that allow players to copy either their current coordinates or the coordinates of a block
  • 添加了新的快捷键,允许玩家复制当前坐标或某个方块的坐标
    • Control + Alt + C is the default for copying current coordinates
    • Ctrl + Alt + C 是默认的复制当前坐标快捷键
    • Control + Alt + X is the default for copying coordinates of selected block
    • Ctrl + Alt + X 是默认的复制选中方块坐标的快捷键
    • Needs the “Enable Copy Coordinate UI” enabled in Creator settings
    • 需要在创造者设置中打开 “启用复制坐标 UI”


  • Numerical actor properties (float and integer) will now always clamp their values into the range of values specified
  • 数值类型的活动对象属性 (浮点数或整数) 会将自己的值限定在一个指定的值域内
  • minecraft:instant_despawn no longer affects players
  • minecraft:instant_despawn 不会影响玩家了
  • Command selector now gets the same position for the player that the command origin player position gets
  • 命令选择器和获取玩家原始位置的指令将获得相同的玩家位置
  • Fixed a bug where the text-to-speech feature would read the entire “My Content” page, both highlighted and non-highlighted items
  • 修复了文本阅读器会将“我的内容”中高亮的未高亮的物品整页全数读出。
  • Non-Parrot mobs on a player’s shoulder will now adjust their position when the player crouches (MCPE-153996)
  • 玩家潜行时,肩膀上的非鹦鹉生物将会调整其位置 (MCPE-153996)
  • Enables creators to add geometry up to 0.875 units outside of the regular block unit cube on any one side
  • 现在允许创作者在方块的任意一面外添加最多 0.875 个方块单位的几何体
  • Fixed a bug where some custom items (from Creator Features packs), after being used, were duplicated upon player’s death (MCPE-128897)
  • 修复了某些自定义物品 (来自创作者特性包), 在使用后,会在玩家死亡时复制 (MCPE-128897)
  • Added server property ‘disable-custom-skins’ to block untrusted skins on a server wide level
  • 添加了服务器属性 ‘disable-custom-skins’ 来在服务器层面上屏蔽未受信任的皮肤
  • Text to Speech no longer ignores the volume setting on startup
  • 文本转语音不会忽略启动菜单的音量设置了
  • Clarified the documentation for equipment_count to indicate it only counts equipped armor, and how to query for held items (MCPE-136134)
  • 阐明了 equipment_count 的文档,表明其仅计数已穿戴的盔甲,并写了怎样查询手持物品 (MCPE-136134)
  • Limit which queries can be used in Actor Property-related Molang expressions. Property defaults can only use query.had_component_group and set_property can only use property and query.has_property
  • 限制了可用于查询活动对象属性相关的 Molang 表达式类型。默认属性仅能使用 query.had_component_group 且 set_property 只能使用 property 和 query.has_property
  • BlockDisplayNameComponent will no longer append ’tile.’ and ‘.name’ to given display names and in turn, will display their given raw strings if no appropriate localization can be found
  • BlockDisplayNameComponent 不会在展示名称时添加 ‘.tile.’ ‘.name’ 的后缀,若未找到合适的本地化文本,将会展示原文


  • Added a paste button to the Command Block screen
  • 在命令方块界面添加了粘贴按钮
  • Added a waterlog field to the /structure command and the load tab of Structure Blocks to allow players to properly waterlog a structure when it’s being placed under water
  • 向 /structure 指令和结构方块界面添加了新的填充水有关的字段,允许玩家在水下放置结构时决定是否填充水
  • The “/execute at” command now properly executes filters from the specified ‘at’ position (MCPE-156283)
  • “/execute at” 指令现在可根据指定的 ‘at’ 位置正确执行过滤器了 (MCPE-156283)
  • The “/execute if block” command now displays integer values for block positions (MCPE-156285)
  • “/execute if block” 指令现在会展示方块位置为整数 (MCPE-156285)
  • Fixed a bug where a “%” was prepended to player names in the chat output of “/scoreboard players reset” (MCPE-151389)
  • 修复了 “/scoreboard players reset” 的聊天输出中,“%”被放在玩家名字前的错误 (MCPE-151389)
  • Attempting to kill a player in Creative Mode using the “/kill” command now displays a message informing the player that it cannot be done (MCPE-16732)
  • 尝试使用指令 /kill 杀死一个创造模式玩家时,会展示一条消息告诉执行的玩家此操作无法完成 (MCPE-16732)

GameTest Framework
GameTest 框架

  • Fixed a bug where function length would return undefined
  • 修复了函数长度返回未定义的漏洞
  • Added function lengthSquared – Returns the squared length of the vector
  • 添加了函数 lengthSquared – 返回矢量长度的平方
  • Added stackOverflow as a possible WatchdogTerminateReason for the beforeWatchdogTerminate event
  • 将 stackOverflow 作为一个可能的 WatchdogTerminateReason,添加到了 beforeWatchdogTerminate 事件中
  • IRawMessage – Interface object representing a message
  • IRawMessage – 展示消息的界面对象
  • rawtext : (string | IRawMessage)[] – (optional) A list of text objects used to build a message
  • rawtext : (string | IRawMessage)[] – (可选) 用于构造消息的文本对象列表
  • text : string – (optional) A string containing plain text to display directly. Only valid when used as a sub member in a parent rawtext or with member
  • text : string – (可选) 包含要直接显示的纯文本的字符串。只有在上一级原文中用作子成员或与成员一起使用时才有效
  • translate : string – (optional) String representing a translation identifier to translate text in the player’s selected language
  • translate : string – (可选) 表示翻译标识符的字符串,用于翻译玩家所选语言的文本
  • with : (string | IRawMessage)[] – (optional) A list of text object arguments used to fill values in the translate text. Ignored when translate is not present
  • with : (string | IRawMessage)[] – (可选) 用于填充翻译文本值的文本对象参数列表。翻译不存在时会被忽略
  • say(string | IRawMessage) – Used to broadcast a message to all players
  • say(string | IRawMessage) – 用于向所有玩家广播一条消息
  • tell(string | IRawMessage) – Send a message to a player
  • tell(string | IRawMessage) – 向一个玩家广播一条消息
  • Fixed a bug where Dynamic Properties would not persist when using worlds hosted on Bedrock Dedicated Server or Realms
  • 修复了使用托管在基岩版专有服务器或 Realms 上的世界时,动态属性不会存留的错误
  • Pack dependencies on native modules can be declared using the module name without the need to specify a UUID, using the “module_name” attribute. The module name matches the import statement (e.g., “mojang-minecraft”)
  • 原生模块上依赖关系可以使用模块名声明,而不需要指定UUID,只需使用“module_name”属性。模块名需要与与导入语句相匹配(例如 “mojang-minecraft”)
  • Removed mojang-gametest module version 0.1.0; packs using “mojang-gametest” specific APIs must be updated to use GameTest version 1.0.0-beta
  • 移除了 mojang-gametest 模块版本 0.1.0;使用了 “mojang-gametest” 指定借口的包必须升级使用 GameTest 版本 1.0.0-beta
  • The “mojang-gametest” module 1.0.0-beta requires “mojang-minecraft” module 1.0.0-beta
  • “mojang-gametest” 模块 1.0.0-beta 需要 “mojang-minecraft” 模块 1.0.0-beta
  • Removed usage of minecraft:unwalkable block component and added block creative group and category to the block description
  • 移除了 minecraft:unwalkable 方块组件的使用,并在方块说明中添加了创造模式物品组和分类
  • setVelocity will now throw an exception when called on player types
  • setVelocity 调用玩家类型时会报错
  • Renamed class Items to ItemTypes
  • 将类 Items 重命名为 ItemTypes
  • Add a content error when default or set_property expressions include side-effects, such as Molang variable assignment
  • 添加了默认或给定的 set_property 表达式包含副效果,例如 Molang 变量绑定时的内容错误
  • Commands
  • 指令
    • Added new sub-command /script watchdog exportstats – Exports a file containing memory usage and object handle statistics
    • 添加了新的子命令 /script watchdog exportstats – 导出一个包含内存使用和对象处理详细信息的文件
    • Can now switch hotbar slots while targeting a block while in a Boat (MCPE-156814)
    • 在船里指向一个方块时可以切换快捷栏槽位了 (MCPE-156814)
    • The ‘/execute at’ and ‘/execute as’ commands will now execute at the correct relative rotation (MCPE-156277)
    • ‘/execute at’ 和 ‘/execute as’ 指令现在可执行正确的相对旋转(MCPE-156277)
    • ‘/execute at @e run kill @e’ no longer crashes the game when there are items on the ground
    • 若地面上有物品,’/execute at @e run kill @e’ 不会导致游戏崩溃了
    • Added chat output when entities are skipped by “/ride summon_ride no_ride_change” (MCPE-129486)
    • 添加了实体被 “/ride summon_ride no_ride_change” 跳过时的聊天输出(MCPE-129486)
    • Added function getAll(): ItemTypeIterator – Returns an iterator of all available item types
    • 添加函数 getAll(): ItemTypeIterator – 返回一个包含所有可用物品类型的迭代器
  • Memory Watchdog
  • 内存监视器
    • script-watchdog-memory-warning – Produces a content log warning when the combined memory usage exceeds the given threshold (in megabytes). Setting this value to 0 disables the warning. (default = 100)
    • script-watchdog-memory-warning – 当总内存使用量超过给定阈值(单位Mb)时,报出内容警告。设为 0 将禁用警告。(默认= 100)
    • script-watchdog-memory-limit – Saves and shuts down the world when the combined memory usage exceeds the given threshold (in megabytes). Setting this value to 0 disables the limit. (default = 250)
    • script-watchdog-memory-limit – 当总内存使用量超过给定阈值(单位Mb)时,保存并关闭世界。设为 0 禁用限制。(默认= 250)
    • Increased slow code warning threshold from 2 ms to 6 ms
    • 将代码运行缓慢的警告阈值由 2 毫秒提升到了 6 毫秒



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